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From making strategic decisions to developing capabilities, We're here to help. We use deep domain expertise and work with highly stratified clientele to produce real results and create measurable value.
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Why Digicent

Consulting with Purpose

Digitisation in healthcare is still in its infancy in India. We are a passionate healthcare consulting firm focussed on creating an ecosystem for startups to exchange knowledge and seek mentorship. 
Additionally we work with healthcare institutions to create digitisation pathways customised to their workflows depending on Care areas, Chosen speciality or financial goals, with quantifiable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and measurable cost savings


Your Strategic Partner

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Startup Mentoring

We work with Seed round and Series A startups to help them scale, create customer touch-points, secure funding sources and arrive at correct valuations. When you are starting out, you want a clear direction so you can concentrate on bettering the product. 
You want to know if the market scoping is correct, There is a major investor pitch next week or You just wish you could talk to a domain expert? We will find things for you. And fast!

Healthcare Digitisation

Our clients come from different geographies with different requirements but with one common goal, To make a positive impact on patient outcomes through technology.
You want to estimate how much money a paperless ICU will save you or you want to implement digital workflows in ward areas, we can help! Right from getting the right vendors to completing the implementation for you!

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